Trusts & Funds


Trusts & Funds

Private Client Trusts

Our private client trusts group advises on the following aspects of trust work.

Advising settlors, asset contributors, beneficiaries and protectors
We advise settlors, asset contributors, beneficiaries and protectors on the uses of offshore trusts and other arrangements for tax minimization, regulatory reason, asset protection, accumulation and distribution, succession planning, corporate governance matters.  We advise each of the parties regarding their rights and duties and conflict of interest issues.

Establishing trusts
We have experience of establishing offshore trusts in BVI, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Isle of Man for private clients with planning taking into account the tax status of the settler, asset contributors and beneficiaries.

Private trust companies
We advise private clients the uses of private trust companies in the content of asset holding structuring planning and tax planning and the advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other options.

Administration of trusts
We advise both trustees and private clients on a broad range of trust administration issues, both contentious and non-contentious and means to settlement.


Commercial Trusts

We advise institutional clients on the structuring and use of commercial trusts vehicles in a variety of commercial transactions.

Employees Share Options / Shares Trusts
We have extensive experience in setting up ESOT or ESST for listed companies for the benefits of key management and employees taking into account the tax issues relating to the employer and the employees and cross-border regulatory issues.

Securisation / Financing / Orphan / Purpose Trusts
We have experience in drafting and advising on the uses of trusts in securitisation and other financing transactions including off balance sheet transactions or for asset protection purposes.

STAR Trusts, VISTA Trusts
We also advise on the use of STAR Trusts and Share Trusts under the Cayman Islands Trusts Law and on VISTA Trusts under the British Virgin Islands regime for use in private client asset protection arrangement for holding various operating and trading companies.

Investment Funds
We act for fund managers, asset management companies in setting up investment funds in the forms of partnerships, unit trusts, companies for investors from different jurisdictions.  We advise on the uses of different legal structures and the suitability taking into account source of funding, mode of distribution of profits and tax status of the investors, and the structuring the management fee arrangement to achieve tax minimization.

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