Commercial Litigation


Commercial Litigation

Following the rapid development of business activities in Hong Kong and the PRC, and the interaction between Hong Kong and international community in this regard, there is an increase in number of various types of commercial disputes. In these circumstances, we provide advice on risk management at an early stage of transactions so as to reduce or avoid unnecessary risks. In the event that disputes occur inevitably during the performance of agreements, we can assist our clients in instituting legal proceedings with a view to serving their best interests. Apart from litigation, we also offer services in relation to arbitration as well as alternative dispute resolution such as mediation.

We have substantial experiences in providing legal services on various areas of commercial litigation and have acted for various overseas and Hong Kong companies, including listed and private companies, as well as individuals in civil litigation cases arising from breach of contract or torts.

Our scope of services include the following major areas:

● Commerce and Trade

We provide legal services in relation to disputes arising from commercial agreements and transactions, such as  shareholders’ disputes and partnership disputes, disputes arising from contracts for sale and purchase of goods, shares subscription agreements, joint venture agreements, distributor agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements and construction agreements, and other general commercial disputes.

● Banking

We have represented different leading banks in Hong Kong in litigation relating to recovery of debts, enforcement of security, enforcement of third party guarantees and recovery of possession of real properties. We advise on litigation relating to letters of credit, bills of exchange and various financial investment products. We also provide legal services for companies and individuals in relation to their disputes with banks, in particular disputes involving financial investment products such as accumulators, equity linked notes and foreign exchange investment products.

● Torts

We act for clients in filing or defending claims in cases of tort arising from negligence, defamation, procuring breach of contract, conspiracy to do unlawful acts and nuisance.

● Litigation involving Regulatory Authorities

We act for listed companies in dealing with enquiries from the relevant regulatory authorities, such as Securities and Futures Commission and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and provide legal advice on matters such as suspected insider dealings and market misconduct to such companies. In addition, we assist clients in applying for relief under the administrative law such as judicial reviews.

Our services in this area mainly include:

● analyzing the cases and evidence as well as offering professional advice in relation to the merits of the cases;
● drafting court documents including statements of claim as well as defence and counterclaim;
● attending court hearings and trials;
● assisting clients to collate evidence, drafting witness statements and seeking appropriate expert reports;
● negotiating terms of settlement on behalf of clients; and
● enforcing court orders and judgments.

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