Commercial arbitration


Commercial arbitration

Resolving disputes by arbitration and alternative dispute resolution is different from conventional litigation as they have to be handled by practitioners who are experienced, well-trained and knowledgeable in the relevant rules and procedures. Arbitration proceedings are mainly categorized into international arbitration and Hong Kong domestic arbitration. We are able to assist clients in handling cross-border, PRC and Hong Kong commercial disputes through arbitration or alternative dispute resolution.

Our scope of services in this practice area mainly include:

● drafting arbitration and mediation agreements;
● advising on the appropriate venue for arbitrations and on the choice of governing law;
● providing professional advice on appropriate methods for resolving disputes;
● advising on strategy in handling and resolving disputes;
● adopting suitable means to reduce time and costs in handling and resolving disputes;
● advising on jurisdictions and procedures in enforcing awards and decisions and conducting enforcement proceedings;
● applying to Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre for appointment of arbitrators, attending hearings, drafting pleadings, inspecting documents, exchanging witness statements as well as attending trials; and
● acting for clients in enforcing awards granted by CIETAC and awards made in member states of the New York Convention, including applying for enforcement of the awards as judgments of Hong Kong Court, conducting litigation arising from the respondents’ objection to enforcement of awards against them based on procedural irregularities, enforcing awards against respondents’ assets in Hong Kong.

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