China attestation


China attestation

Our Mr. William Lin and Mr. Swin Chan are China-Appointed Attesting Officers recognized by Ministry of Justice of the PRC to attest legal documents related to Hong Kong matters for use in the PRC. This provides a swift and efficient channel for residents and companies in Hong Kong to attest documents related to their civil and commercial matters. We have more than 10 year of experience in this service area and have attested various types of documents related to this practice area.

Our scope of services in this practice area mainly include:

● preparing documents required for commercial activities in the PRC, such as issuing certificate verifying the information of companies registered in the Companies Registry, powers of attorney as well as shareholders and directors resolutions;
● preparing documents required for applications of “Hong Kong Service Supplier”;
● preparing documents verifying the registered information of Hong Kong registered trademarks;
● witnessing the signing of agreements  by two or more parties;
● preparing documents for Hong Kong residents for marriages or divorces  in the PRC;
● preparing documents required for inheriting or surrendering estate in the PRC;
● preparing documents required for child adoption in the PRC;
● preparing documents required for the application for immigration or visits to Hong Kong by the family members of Hong Kong residents;
● preparing documents required for arbitration and litigation in the PRC, such as grant of powers of attorney regarding appointment of legal counsel; and
● preparing documents verifying legal documents prepared in Hong Kong or other legal conducts and matters that occurred in Hong Kong with legal implication.

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