Judgments & Legal Reference

The Legal Reference System (LRS) is mainly a source of legal materials like Judgments, Reasons for Verdict, Reasons for Sentence, Practice Directions and Specimen Directions In Jury Trials.

Judgments/Reasons for Verdict/Reasons for Sentence
This database contains Judgments/Reasons for Verdict/Reasons for Sentence, including English, Chinese, and some of their translations. The link to “Translated Judgments” containing Chinese judgments of jurisprudential value along with their English translation is also embedded in this database.

Practice Directions
The Practice Directions are issued mainly by the Chief Justice for the conduct of court proceedings.

Specimen Directions In Jury Trials
The Specimen Directions are issued by the Judicial Studies Board of Hong Kong. Some use has been made of the specimen directions issued by the Judicial Studies Board in England with suitable adaptation for Hong Kong.

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