Company overview

Being one of the most famous Australian law firms in Hong Kong, we have attained a prominent position in providing legal advice on cross-border legal issues.
Having nearly a hundred legal staff, our head office is located in Australia, and we have also established a partner offices in some provinces in China to provide comprehensive cross-border legal services to our clients.

Upon the major backdrop of the  “One Belt, One Road” initiative and the Chinese enterprises’ strategy of “going out”, we have expanded our business and set up sub-branches in foreign countries such as Australia and Japan. We are dedicated to be the best Chinese law firm in the global market.

We have the ability to handle large scale and complex cross-border businesses

We have successfully accomplished the listing of Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Company Limited, which was the first case involving technical problems in relation to the simultaneous acquisition of A-Shares and H-Shares, re-listing as well as substantial assets swap.  In the successful listing of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Company, due to our substantial effort during the listing process, numerous complicated legal issues which hindered such listing were eventually settled.  We successfully resolved several intricate cross-border legal problems highly concerned by the sponsors and other relevant parties in the successful listing of China Communications Construction Company Limited.

Again, due to our trailblazing effort, we also successfully accomplished the listing of Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Limited, which has become the only company in the world having listed A-shares, B-shares and H-shares.  With our accumulated experiences, LillyMav & co has obtained wide acclaim from clients with its quality, efficiency and professionalism. We also have proven track records in handling cross-border issues with regard to banking, construction, litigation and arbitration.

LillyMav & co is the first leading Australian law firm with core legal services include IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, construction and litigation.

We also provide legal services in immigration, intellectual property, conveyancing, trusts, probate, and loan arrangements as well as company secretarial services including the incorporation of Hong Kong / Australian and offshore companies.

Our culture and philosophy

● Integrity and quality

● Communication and team work

● Mutual benefit and development

● Dedicated to become the best Chinese international law firm

● Fostering the integration of eastern and western cultures, safeguarding the rule of law and achieving social harmony

● Urging a fair development of the society via our consistent legal practice

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